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   Shanghai Flolink pump Co.,LTD is a professional supplier of industrial pumps, with technology and years of R & D experience. From product design, from precision casting, from assembly to testing, from sales to after-sales, pay attention to every detail of the whole process. Our dedication is to make our customers feel at ease.

    Metering pump adopt double-diaphragm structure design, with more balanced and stable stroke adjustment mechanism and full closed transmission chamber. The worm gear is machined and ground with high precision by special machinery, with good coupling, low wear and high transmission efficiency. Diaphragm is made of multilayer composite material, longer life time.

    Hose pump, using aluminum alloy and cast iron shell, high structural strength, strong and durable. The core components of the hose adopts Italian brand, reliable and durable, long life, good performance in a variety of harsh conditions. 


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+86 021 67276609 

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