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Shanghai Flolink pump Co.,LTD
Shanghai Flolink pump Co.,LTD


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Magnet pump / ATEX motor

Magnet pump / ATEX motor



Magnetic pump

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Product Description

Stainless steel magnetic drive pump

1. No mechanical seal and no-leak, reliable and safe                          2. Simple and compact design, easy maintenance

3. High temperature resistance up to 280 degrees                                4. Low temperature resistance down to -80 degree

5. Stainless steel 304/316 pump body                                                        6. Particle size 500μm, doesn’t stick, 5% content allowed.

7. Particle size 100μm, doesn’t stick, 8% content allowed.


Performance data

Pump type GMP
50HZ 60HZ
Max.Head (m) 61 88
Max. Capacity (L/min) 1345 1328
Temperature range -80℃~280℃
Max.S.G 2
Max. Viscocity (cps) 330cps
Design Pressure (Mpa) 1.6
Flange type ANSI/DIN/JIS
Impeller type Closed
Motor type Standard/EX motor


Pump type GMP-M
50HZ 60HZ
Max.Head (m) 20 29
Max. Capacity (L/min) 99 123
Temperature range -80℃-280℃
Max.S.G 2
Max. Viscocity (cps) 120cps
Design Pressure (Mpa) 1.0
Thread type BSP/NPT
Impeller type Closed
Motor type Standard/EX motor


Stainless steel Magnetic pump Advantage

1. Magnetic pump no mechanical seal, no leaking.  
2. Fit for solvent application, most of plastic pump couldn’t do these application.
3. With EX/ATEX motor and grounding, fit for some explosive application.
4. Stainless steel pumpbody fit for high or low temp application (-80℃ to 280℃)


Foundry of pumpbody

1. Stainless steel pumpbody adopt precision casting, smooth and good appearance.
2. Pumpbody are tested with X-RAY nondestructive testing to ensure no sand hole.
3. Adopt CNC machining, high accuracy.


Impeller quality control

1. Impeller adopt precision casting, smooth and good appearance.
2. Smooth flow channel, high hydraulic efficiency
3. CNC Machining and balance testing


Parts and machining

1. Casing cover, magnet capsule, shaft, rear casing etc all of stainless steel.
2. Adopt CNC machining, high accuracy, longer life time


Except normal GMP type, also have GMP-H High temperature type (-30℃ to 280℃)

1.  Motor bracket with heat dissipation design
2. Use Rare earth SmCo magnet
3. Use Anti-High temperature graphite gasket
 GMP-L Low temperature type (-80℃ to 150℃)
1. Motor bracket with Nitrogen fill design, Prevent moisture from freezing.
2. Use Rare earth Neodymium magnet
3. Use Anti-low temperature graphite gasket

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